Premises Liability Lawyer in St Louis

When you are involved in a premises liability accident, it means that you were on someone else’s property and were injured by their negligence. It is the property owners responsibility to make certain that their property is safe for visitors. It can also apply to the businesses in St Louis. They also have to make sure that their buildings are safe for people who come inside. The most commonly heard of premises liability cases are slip and falls. If you were injured in what you think is a premises liability, getting legal help is the second thing you should do. Your first step should be to get your injuries assessed. The Gogel Law Firm are a personal injury law firm in St Louis who can help you if you were injured. They want to help people get their compensation for the injuries they suffered from.


Many businesses have signs or warnings of any danger that could happen on their property. They will let their customers know if the floor is wet so they can use caution to not get injured. If those warnings were not there and you slipped on a wet floor, then you may need to call a St Louis premises liability lawyer. There are instances when a business is not liable. If someone spills their drink at a restaurant and you slip moments after it happened, the business had no time to warn you of the dangers, and therefore they would not be held liable. If they had just mopped the floor and never put up a sign to let people know the floor was wet, then they could be held liable.