Hiring a Los Angeles Paternity Lawyer

If you are not married when a child is born the father is not determined by assumption. If you are married when the child is born the husband can sign the birth certificate with the assumption that he is the father of the child. If you are not married then you and the mother would have to sign a voluntary paternity form, in order for this form to be valid both parties have to sign it. In Los Angeles, if there is no father on the birth certificate the mother is given full custody and full rights to the child. Now why would you want to establish paternity before signing the voluntary form, or signing the birth certificate? You would want paternity established because once those papers are signed you now have rights to this child, which is also the responsibility to care for this child in the physical and financial sense.


If you are dating or if you just met someone and they say the child is yours, getting paternity established can make you feel confident you are only caring for a child that is your own. Which is why paternity is so important. You will want to call Land Legal Group, family law firm in Los Angeles to help you understand the full process and what it entails. They want you to get the proper information before you sign any documents. Getting a Los Angeles paternity lawyer from Land Legal Group is one of the best things you can do. They will help you through the entire process, as well as if you are not married and not planning on staying together they can help you work out the child custody arrangement as well. Get the help you need from the Los Angeles family law firm, Land Legal Group.