Child Custody Lawyer in Long Beach

What goes into determining child custody? There are a couple different factors that go into child custody both on the child’s side and on each parent’s side. For the child in Long Beach, their age is a factor, if they are over 14 there might not be a need for physical custody as they get the option to make their own choice. Their health is another factor, is it hard on their health to travel back and forth from one parent’s to another’s. The courts also take a look at if the child has a deep emotional connect to both of their parents. For the parents they look at if both parents are capable of caring for the child, and if they have any substance abuse or physical abuse history. It is very rare in California for one parent to be granted sole custody. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro are a family law firm in Long Beach who will help you in the child custody case. Child custody cases are not simple cases, the child’s best interest really needs to be the focal point.


The Long Beach family law firm, The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro has dealt with all different types of child custody cases. Each and every child custody case is different and has different factors, and this law firm knows to treat each case as an individual. Contacting a Long Beach child custody attorney to have an initial consultation is a very smart idea for your case. You want to make sure that your attorney understands what you want, and you want to understand what your attorney is going to do for you. Which is why you want to have this initial talk with your attorney to make sure you will be a good fit before you hire them to handle your child custody case.