Wrongful Termination Attorney in Upland

When you get a job in California you know that this state is an at will state. Which means that the employer has pretty loose guidelines for when they can’t fire someone. While this is true, they can pretty much fire someone anytime, there are still instances where it is illegal to fire someone, and illegal grounds on which to fire someone. If you believe your termination was illegal and you do have a wrongful termination case, you should do your best to find a lawyer. Find the best lawyer from Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP a labor and employment law firm in Upland. They will help you build the best wrongful termination case. They have been in the Southern California area for quite some time, and are ready and willing to help anyone in Upland get the justice they deserve after being wrongfully fired.


Here are what would be considered to be grounds of wrongful termination; if your termination was because of discrimination either gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, etc. If your termination was because you spoke out about something the company was doing that is illegal or because you stood up for yourself. Hire Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP an Upland employment and labor law firm. They can be your best resource. They have countless years of experience in helping people with their wrongful termination cases. With some of the best Upland wrongful termination attorneys on their team, you know you will have chosen the best law firm to represent you.