Paternity Lawyer in Los Angeles

How is paternity established in Los Angeles?


Paternity can be established through a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity or through genetic testing. An acknowledgment of paternity is a legal document that is signed by both the mother and the father. Once this document is signed, it is considered legally binding and cannot be undone. Genetic testing, also sometimes called DNA testing, is a scientific way to establish paternity. A paternity test compares the DNA of the child with that of the alleged father to see if they match. You can contact Whitmarsh Family Law, P.C. a family law firm located in Los Angeles to help you get paternity established.


If you are unsure about who the father of your child is, you may want to consider paternity testing. This can be an important step in ensuring that your child has access to important benefits, such as financial support and medical insurance. It can also help establish a legal relationship between the father and the child.


If you need help establishing paternity or enforcing a child support order, you should contact a Los Angeles paternity attorney. A paternity lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected. What is the main legal process of paternity?


The legal process of paternity usually starts with the filing of a Petition to Establish Paternity. This document is filed with the court by either the mother or the father. Once the Petition is filed, the court will order genetic testing to be conducted. The results of the test will be used to determine whether the alleged father is the biological father of the child. If paternity is established, the court will then issue an order for child support.