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A special regulation contains for the law firm. If a member is injured in the event of theft or embezzlement, this home and family will be prosecuted only at the request of the victim. The complaint is to be distinguished from the criminal complaint by which police or prosecutor's office only a possible, criminally relevant behavior is communicated. The DWI Code contains the so-called "minor clause", which must be observed in the event of theft or embezzlement. After that simple or simple embezzlement will be pursued only on request or if there is a special public interest in the prosecution.


Other special thefts can be found in their acts StGB (unauthorized use of a vehicle) and (deprivation of electrical energy). You have a legal problem and are looking for a lawyer in Portland who will advise you on all theft issues? At Mark C. Cogan, PC you will easily find the right Portland DWI lawyer for your legal problem.