Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

Face injuries in Las Vegas are isolated due to a pronounced cosmetic defect affecting the psychological state of the victim and his subsequent socialization. Face trauma may be superficial and affect only soft tissues. Also, facial injuries can be complex, combined and accompanied by damage to the bones of the skull, teeth, larynx and respiratory tract. According to the mechanism of the formation of a wound, the soft tissues of the face are divided into torn-bruised and puncture-cut. The most common type of facial injury is blunt trauma. A Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help in your case of injury.


Examination of injuries to the face determines the nature of the damage and the distinctive features of the alleged instrument of damage. The main types of facial injuries: Fractures of the zygomatic bones. Fractures of the lower jaw. Fractures of the upper jaw. Soft tissue injuries. Fractures of the nose. Torn wounds of soft tissues of the face.


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