Divorce Lawyers Chicago

The Chicago divorce petition signature is the other spouse, he says the divorce proceedings, not the defendant, but defendant delivered. The date of delivery is important for the calculation of the marriage time. This is coming for the pension equalization and gain critical (see there). The defendant must now decide whether he also wants to hire a lawyer to represent him. If he does not do so, he can not make his own applications in the divorce proceedings. If the court has the impression that the spouse who is not represented by the Chicago divorce lawyer is in any way "overburdened" in the further proceedings, the judge may intervene to protect him and order him to appoint a lawyer.


Together with the divorce must be decided on the supply equalization ( decision group ). To this end, the court sends the "parties" – as the lawyers call those involved in a process – questionnaires for the pension providers. These must be completed in full and signed and returned to the court. Anyone who does not do so and/or does not respond to later inquiries from the pension insurance or other pension providers must expect sensitive penalties. Katz & Stefani, LLC is a Chicago based family law firm.