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In most Sacramento cases, the parent in charge of the child incurs heavy expenses, especially when the child is growing up, to which the other parent must participate. As always, when it comes to money, there is a source of conflict. The trouble usually starts with the difficult calculation of the amount of the pension (which sometimes goes as far as taking into account the income of the step-parent), then continues with the setting of payment terms (date, frequency and method of payment, indexing …). Even if there is agreement on the principle of a pension, which fortunately happens frequently, it is therefore useful to use the services of a Sacramento child support lawyer specializing in this type of case.


It varies with the needs of the child (which increases with age), the expenses to cope with it and the resources of each parent (wages, social assistance …). Additional difficulty: the person who has to pay the pension can also put forward the expenses that it also supports (maintenance of children of another bed, monthly payments related to a loan, help to elderly parents …). It should be noted that, even in the case of alternating residence, a pension can be awarded to take into account the differences in income between the two parents.


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